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Consulting. Mentoring. New ventures.


Ignition. Growth. Transformation. 

Swiss-based company specialized in providing resources to kick-start, grow and transform businesses. 


Consulting is about helping companies deliver their transformational initiatives.

We believe that every project is unique but can be inspired by the best and the most innovative practices learnt from different cultural and industry experiences.

We help you bridge strategy and execution by leveraging on People, Processes and Technology.


Entrepreneurs are usualy fueled by their passion for changing the world we live in. 

Aside from their respective talents, every entrepreneur has blind spots, for example go to market, people skills, organisational capabilities...

We help entrepreneurs recognize their blind spots and provide them with resources to work around them.

New Ventures

Success in new ventures is about getting the right product to meet the right market in the right timing.

Success in new ventures is also about accessing the right resources to accelerate the development: talent, market, and finance.

We help entrepreneurs connect the dots by providing the right resources leveraging our expertise and trusted network.

World connected. Fueled by innovation. Powered by ethics.


Our Manifesto

We are firm belivers that any person, any business should define themselves radicaly and act with consistency ; this is a pre-condition to any sustainable success. This could be called the power of identity. In our approach we value and nurture your uniqueness and encourage you to reaffirm it.
What makes us unique? We are passionate, we are bold & we refuse compromises.

Purpose & action

We believe that any ambition should be fueled by a purpose and the purpose should be kept alive by action.

Big picture & detail 

We believe that one should be obsessed by the quality of the details with a constant awareness about the big picture.

Aesthetic & function

We believe that there should be no compromise in design and execution between function and aesthetics. Both come together.

Drive & collaboration

We believe that behind any success there is a bold drive which should be sustained by a collaborative inclusion.

Listen & speak up

We believe that any problem needs to be positioned before it is solved. Listening is key as well as speaking up along the problem solving process.

Total integrity

We believe that at no point our integrity should be compromised and at no point we should be standing in a conflicted situation.  

Fun & serious

We believe that we can be high performers and have fun. No need to take ourselves seriously to be conscientious and professional :-)

Science & art

We believe that off the shelf methodologies contribute only partly to building the appropriate solutions. The other part is made of some sort of magic art. We hence never apply recipes out of cookbooks!

Resilience & patience

We believe that opportunities reside in difficulties and when facing difficulties, we like to balance between insane perseverance and some necessary patience.


About us

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Reda El Andaloussi


Advisor. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Passionate about innovation, sustainable development & digital transformation. Happy father, design lover & avid world traveler.



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